Review: Better Off Dead by Lee Child & Andrew Child

"Better Off Dead" is Andrew Child's second time behind the wheel of his brother Lee's Jack Reacher franchise, and it's another perfectly formed action thriller that sees the former military policeman turned nomadic dispenser of extrajudicial justice face up against criminal mastermind Waad Dendoncker in a remote town on the US-Mexico border.  Its opening reminded me of … Continue reading Review: Better Off Dead by Lee Child & Andrew Child

Review: The Sentinel by Lee Child & Andrew Child

“Reliable” isn’t the sexiest descriptor, but “The Sentinel” shows Jack Reacher — even with Andrew Child rather than older brother Lee behind the wheel — remains the closest you can get to a sure-thing when it comes to page-turning, wham-bam entertainment. Andrew Child isn’t here to revolutionise the Reacher formula. It’s a blueprint for international … Continue reading Review: The Sentinel by Lee Child & Andrew Child

Review: Past Tense by Lee Child

Past Tense is fuelled not by nerve-shredding tension or a confounding mystery, rather the tantalising inevitability of Jack Reacher's collision course with a group of kidnappers who've abducted a young couple for an abhorrent purpose. It sticks to the trusted formula, and boasts the unpretentious, staccato prose Reacher's legions of fans demand — and its insight … Continue reading Review: Past Tense by Lee Child

Review: Night School (Jack Reacher #21) by Lee Child

Night School takes Jack Reacher back to his army days — 1996 to be precise —and hurled into a covert investigation in Germany, alongside an FBI and CIA agent, with world-shattering consequences. The stakes have never been higher than those presented here; the twenty-first Reacher novel. It begins in customary Lee Child style, which is … Continue reading Review: Night School (Jack Reacher #21) by Lee Child

Review: Personal by Lee Child

PERSONAL, the nineteenth Jack Reacher novel, is a perfectly adequate thriller. There’s the requisite action and intrigue that aficionados demand, plus a villain with exaggerated physical dimensions who provides an actual physical threat to Reacher, and while there is enough here to sate irregular thriller readers who are perhaps not entirely cognizant of the genre’s … Continue reading Review: Personal by Lee Child

Review: Deep Down by Lee Child

DEEP DOWN presents a younger Jack Reacher than we’re used to, in his mid-twenties, tasked with identifying a traitor operating inside the Capitol, selling military secrets to enemies unknown. The catch? The traitor must be identified clandestinely; and all four suspects are women. Lee Child emphasises Reacher’s youth and relative inexperience as he questions his … Continue reading Review: Deep Down by Lee Child