Review: Drowning by T.J. Newman

You've barely turned the first page of T.J. Newman's Drowning before it kicks into high gear — and then it remains relentless. Forget the tried-and-tested routine of steadily building tension: Drowning is all suspense, all the time. Like the best disaster movies, the plot here is simple: Flight 1421 has crashed into the Pacific Ocean a mere six minutes after take … Continue reading Review: Drowning by T.J. Newman

Review: Falling by T.J. Newman

T.J. Newman’s “Falling” is a well-oiled, audacious, supremely entertaining blockbuster about a terrorist plane hijacking; the twist being the ringleader isn’t on board the aircraft, but on the ground, holding hostage the pilot’s wife and two kids, a trigger-pull away from their demise. The terrorist’s demands are preposterously simple: he wants Bill Hoffman to crash … Continue reading Review: Falling by T.J. Newman