Review: Batgirl / Robin – Year One

BATGIRL/ROBIN: YEAR ONE is a comic book tour de force, and a wonderful example of how poignant and fun super-hero stories can be. Unburdened by decades of continuity, which has become increasingly convoluted with each passing year and occasional reboot, writers Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon take Batgirl and Robin back to their roots, retelling … Continue reading Review: Batgirl / Robin – Year One

Review: Batman Noir – Eduardo Risso: The Deluxe Edition

BATMAN NOIR: EDUARDO RISSO: THE DELUXE EDITION is a fantastic collection of stories featuring the Argentinian’s phenomenal artwork with his long-time collaborator, writer Brian Azzarello. The stories have been stripped of their original colour and are presented in stunning, stylistic black and white. These are dark tales starring the Caped Crusader and several of his … Continue reading Review: Batman Noir – Eduardo Risso: The Deluxe Edition