The Best Books of 2016

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It’s that time of year — mid-November — when proofs for 2017 titles are beginning to pile up, which means it’s time to pull the plug on what’s been a great year of reading, and jump heard-first into the future. But before that, let’s pause and reflect on the year that was — well, still is, for a few more weeks. You understand.

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Review: The Lost Track of Time by Paige Britt (illustrated by Lee White)

Lost Track of TimePaige Britt’s debut, The Lost Track of Time, is a whimsical journey through an incredible fantasy land, laced with the important message that children should always be free to let their imaginations run wild and follow their dreams.

Poor Penelope. She longs to be a writer – to fill readers’ minds with her infinite imaginings – but her parents’ complete disregard for her passion, underlined by her mother’s total dominance over her schedule, means she’s rarely allowed the chance to scrawl her ideas in one of her many notebooks. Every minute of her day is carefully structured to ensure not a moment is wasted, and unfortunately, her writing falls under the category of ‘waste.’ Despite her aspirations, Penelope feels her imagination is being crushed; reduced to a smidgen of its potential.

So when Penelope awakens one morning to discover an inadvertent hole in her schedule, she is delighted. The possibilities are endless! Alas, her plans are short-lived; because soon Penelope finds herself falling through the hole in her schedule, into the mystical Realm of Possibility. Once upon a time this was a world brimming with creativity, bursting with limitless possibility under the guidance of the Great Moodler. Now, the realm has been reduced to a desecrated hull; run by clockwork under the repressive reign of Chronos and his evil Clockworkers. The only chance Penelope has of revitalising the Realm of Possibility and returning it to its former glory is to resuscitate her sapped imagination.

It’s clear throughout The Lost Track of Time that its author, Paige Britt, had a ton of fun during its creation. Bursting with clever wordplay (albeit a tad on the nose in places, adults be warned – some of the puns sound very much like dad jokes) and deceptively simple storytelling, readers of all ages will be beaming from ear to ear as Penelope ventures deeper into the Realm of Possibility. Aided by Lee White, whose purple cartoons bring Britt’s prose to life, this is a book that kids will enjoy alone, but lends itself perfectly to a pre-bedtime read. I blazed through The Lost Track of Time in one sitting and loved it.

4 Stars Excellent

ISBN: 9780545538121
Format: Hardback (216mm x 168mm x 25mm)
Pages: 320
Imprint: Scholastic US
Publisher: Scholastic US
Publish Date: 1-May-2015
Country of Publication: United States