Review: Southern Aurora by Mark Brandi

I love Mark Brandi's fiction. Southern Aurora is no exception. Brandi is the master of narrative constraint. He writes stories that flow like water, always superbly considered and controlled. His latest consists of small unostentatious scenes that combine to form something major. Its subtlety accents the tragedy, suffuses the whole thing in an ominous foreboding, and only … Continue reading Review: Southern Aurora by Mark Brandi

Review: The Others by Mark Brandi

Even with two extraordinary novels under his belt, this stands as a radical achievement for Mark Brandi. “The Others” is a spare yet emotionally sumptuous psychological drama, laced with page-turning suspense, and a creeping sense of dread that turns into something excruciatingly claustrophobic as it builds to its heart-pounding crescendo. In my mind, “The Others” … Continue reading Review: The Others by Mark Brandi

Review: The Rip by Mark Brandi

I'm convinced that under the hood of Mark Brandi's novels thrums a noir engine. Wimmera and The Rip —  both intoxicating, unsettling masterpieces — feature characters plummeting inexorably towards obliteration, induced perhaps by events outside their control, but perpetuated by their own actions. One bad choice begets another in the hopes to solve or rectify the first. It … Continue reading Review: The Rip by Mark Brandi

Review: Wimmera by Mark Brandi

Wimmera tracks the friendship of two boys from a defining moment in their childhood, when a mysterious newcomer arrives in the small Australian country town of Wimmera, through to the discovery of a body in the river twenty years later. Mark Brandi's debut is a simply extraordinary literary crime novel, delivered with intelligence, power and heart. The … Continue reading Review: Wimmera by Mark Brandi