Review: Southern Aurora by Mark Brandi

I love Mark Brandi’s fiction. Southern Aurora is no exception. Brandi is the master of narrative constraint. He writes stories that flow like water, always superbly considered and controlled. His latest consists of small unostentatious scenes that combine to form something major. Its subtlety accents the tragedy, suffuses the whole thing in an ominous foreboding, and only heightens the anxiety we feel for its protagonist: a young boy named Jimmy, who lives on the poorest street in Mittigunda, and ekes tiny moments of joy from life while carrying the heavy burden of looking out for his family while his older brother is in jail. Immensely readable and compelling — Brandi has crafted an unforgettable tale of doomed adolescence.

One thought on “Review: Southern Aurora by Mark Brandi

  1. Beautifully written review! Brandi’s storytelling skills are truly impressive and Southern Aurora seems like another masterpiece. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.
    founder of balance thy life

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