9780143795643With his second novel, Benjamin Stevenson  once again demonstrates his mastery of the genre and proves himself to be page-turning royalty. In Either Side of Midnight he employs the same skill set that made Greenlight such a noteworthy debut: masterfully paced plotting pockmarked with explosive revelations strung together like fireworks that create an escalating and exhilarating sense of urgency that’ll keep even the most fatigued crime reader white-knuckled throughout its duration.

In this direct sequel to Greenlight — which can be satisfactorily read as a standalone (but why would you; you’ve got until September, and we’re in lockdown) — disgraced television producer Jack Quick is hired by Harry Midford to investigate the murder of his brother. Only, Jack — and the rest of the world — are adamant it was suicide. Because they saw it. Everyone saw it, on live television: Sam Midford put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Case closed. But Jack needs the money. So he digs deeper into Sam’s past. And he discovers something dark, something twisted. Something that might get him killed. What seems at the start to be a straightforward investigation seamlessly transforms into a crafty tale of murder and deception

Stevenson is Australia’s Harlan Coben. Using an unconventional detective, he keeps his plot boiling, piling on plot twists, false leads, and adds depth and edge to traditional genre characters. The writing is assured, the pace is whip-fast. Stevenson is the hottest ticket in town. 

ISBN: 9780143795643
Format: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 336
Available: 1st September 2020
Edition Number: 1

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