9781529008630A gorgeous, big-hearted, beautifully illustrated and hilarious graphic novel about two ‘seasonal best friends,’ who ditch work at the Succotash Hut to find love on their final night at the pumpkin patch in Omaha, Nebraska.

Every autumn, throughout high school, Deja and Josiah have worked together at the pumpkin patch. They say goodbye every Halloween and are reunited at the beginning of September. But their time is almost up. Deja and Josiah are seniors, now; this is their last shift together. And they’ve got unfinished business. Since they started at the pumpkin patch, the bashful, goody two-shoes Josiah has steadfastly refused to talk to his unrequited love, who works at Fudge Shoppe. He has one last shot, and the outgoing, loquacious Deja is determined he take it.

Pumpkinheads spans the entirety of their final night together, as Deja and Josiah search desperately for Fudge-Girl, going from one pumpkin patch landmark to another, reflecting on their friendship, their shared sadness at leaving this very special place behind, and the excitement and trepidation for what’s to come. With intimate, touching observations — and plenty of humour! — Rowell and illustrator Faith Erin Hicks remind readers that substantive relationships don’t necessarily hinge on big, dramatic moments; oftentimes it’s the accumulation of smaller moments that matter more. Pumpkinheads is a delightful testimony to the power of friendship and young love.

ISBN: 9781529008630
Format: Paperback / softback
Pages: 224
Imprint: Macmillan Children’s Books
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publish Date: 5-Sep-2019
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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