9780718187828.jpgA fairly conventional whodunnit plot — a police detective is sent to investigate what happened on Elliðaey (an archipelago consisting of more than 15 islands located south of Iceland) after one member of a group of friends fails to return from their trip — is elevated into the top tier by one of the finest authors of crime fiction today. Although it lacks the percussion blast climax of The Darkness, Ragnar Jónasson’s second book in the ‘Hulda Series’ is a mesmerising psychological drama on loss, guilt and revenge; altogether haunting and thrillingly well written, the kind of book that will entrance you and keep you reading until the small hours.

When we met Hulda Hermannsdóttir in The Darkness, she was 64-years-old and approaching retirement, and handling her final case; in The Island she is in her fifties, in her prime as an  investigator; and in The Mist (published next year according to my sources see the internet) she’ll be in her forties. Jónasson’s decision to tell Hulda’s story from end to beginning yes, in reverse! is brilliant, and is a startling (and welcome) change of dynamic in the police procedural genre. Forewarned of what her future holds adds a whole new dimension to proceedings — which isn’t to say The Island can’t be enjoyed without reading its predecessor, but with two months until publication, you’ve got plenty of time jump on board this stunning trilogy and affix remarkable layers of poignancy to scenes involving Hulda’s family, and in particular, the novels dénouement.

Swift, sentimental, and deeply satisfying. Jónasson prudently strews clues and complications into Hulda’s investigation with unrivalled prowess. You’ll rapidly turn the pages to determine the killer; you’ll remember The Island, long after the mystery is solved, for its protagonist.

ISBN: 9780718187828
Format: Paperback / softback
Pages: 352
Imprint: Michael Joseph Ltd
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publish Date: 4-Apr-2019
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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