My Year in Reading – 2018

This year I managed to read 166 books, which is 25 more than 2017, and 24 more than in 2016. Each year I aim to read at least 100 books across a variety of genres and with my propensity for genre novels, it’s a manageable target.

Now, you might be wondering — what exactly do I classify as a book in my trusty, never-leave-home-without spreadsheet? Because everybody has their own rules. Some readers, for example, might include children’s picture books in their tally; I don’t. But I do include graphic novels, collected editions of comic books, and volumes of manga (the latter of which I’ve actually not read this year, but y’know, if I had read manga, it’d be included).

Let’s break it down.

Books Read by Month -2018

Gender Identity - 2018 (1).png

Copy of Gender Identity - 2018

Genre - 2018.png

Format - 2018

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