9780733637421Sidney Allen and Haifa Hourani are part of the Australian Federal Police’s K Block, tasked with doing whatever it takes to stop terrorist attacks on home soil. When young Muslim men on the Terror Watchlist start turning up dead, the two cops investigate, and uncover an incredible terrorist plot that would decimate Sydney.

“The List” is a blend of Bosch and 24; one part police procedural, another part political thriller. Michael Brissenden clearly knows his stuff, and this is professional work by the veteran journalist, whose debut is suffused with authenticity. Here he touches on relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in Australia, and ISIS’ mastery at messaging and manipulation. Some of this detail is a little too expository, stuttering the momentum of Brissenden’s narrative, and too many events happen to (or around) its dual investigators rather than generated by them. But these are storytelling imperfections easily ironed out in future instalments, in what has the potential to be a long-running Sydney-based crime series.

ISBN: 9780733637421
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
Imprint: Hachette Australia
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Publish Date: 25-Jul-2017
Country of Publication: Australia

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