nobody-walksNobody Walks is a revenge story.

We follow Tom Bettany, a former MI-5 undercover spook, who takes it upon himself to investigate the suspicious death of his son, Liam. They weren’t close, this father and son; following the death of his wife — Liam’s mother — Tom eloped from the responsibilities of fatherhood, ditched his son for a nomadic life, and in the intervening years took on menial jobs to pay the rent and blunt the trauma of a lifetime of high-risk undercover work and the unravelling of his personal life.

Then he gets the phone call alerting him to the fact his son is dead.

So it’s back to London, back to a world of spooks and villains, and one man determined to expose the true forces behind his son’s death. All the while, it appears someone is pulling Bettany’s strings. Someone brought him back to London, out from the cold, for a reason.

Although Nobody Walks isn’t a Slow Horses novel — a trio of books (soon to be a quartet) I’ve absolutely adored, which include Slow HorsesDead Lions and Real Tigers — I was delighted to discover it takes place in the same universe, with familiar characters making an appearance, either at the forefront of the plot, or just in the background. And while it exists in the same continuity, Nobody Walks is a very different kind of thriller: more Richard Stark than John Le Carre. It’s stripped down and raw; a satisfying, immersive thriller, bold and brutal in its simplicity.

ISBN: 9781616956196
Format: Paperback (190mm x 126mm x 23mm)
Pages: 328
Imprint: Soho Press Inc
Publisher: Soho Press Inc
Publish Date: 3-Dec-2015
Country of Publication: United States

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