Wayward Blake Crouch.jpgAt the end of Pines, the first novel in Blake Crouch’s Wayward Pines trilogy, Ethan Burke learned the truth about the seemingly idyllic town of Wayward Pines; the reason why there’s an electrified fence and razor wire surrounding its perimeter; snipers scoping its borders every minute of every day; 24/7 video and tracking surveillance; and why the world beyond can’t be contacted. Burke has been nominated sheriff of the town, and his responsibility is no longer just the safety of his family, but of a little less than 500 townspeople. But do they deserve to know the truth? More importantly, could they handle it?

It’s next to impossible to discuss Wayward without giving away essential plot points, and believe me, you don’t want to know a thing. Suffice to say, this is brilliant second chapter in a trilogy, which doesn’t suffer from typical “midway point” fatigue. Sure, there’s plenty of setting up for the slam-bang third novel, The Last Town, but Wayward is a very satisfying, frenetic thrill ride. This trilogy is unlike anything I’ve ever read, and Blake Crouch is quickly clawing his way onto my list of favourite writers. It’s morally complex, emotive, and just plain unputdownable.

And the cliffhanger – – wow. Where’s my copy of The Last Town? Everything else is on hold until I see how this story ends. I just wish these books were more readily available in Australia. They deserve to sit on every the shelf of every thriller reader.

ISBN: 9781477808702
Format: Paperback (208mm x 137mm x 25mm)
Pages: 322
Imprint: Thomas & Mercer
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publish Date: 17-Sep-2013
Country of Publication: United States

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