9780525954620.jpgWhat begins as a straightforward mission to clear the name of the chief justice of the United States quickly turns far more complicated — and deadly — for Boston-based investigator Nick Heller, in this twisty, mile-a-minute thriller by bestselling author Joseph Finder.

Even Gideon Parnell — an all-important Washington DC VIP who has golfed with presidents — is powerless to prevent the gossip website Slander Street from running an exposé about Chief Justice Jeremiah Claffin’s reputed dalliance with a hooker hired by a casino mogul whose favour he ruled in a recent case. But although he can’t terminate the exposé, Parnell does manage to delay its publication by 48 hours — which leads to Heller being called in from Boston disprove the allegations. But controverting Slander Street’s story only serves to unveil a darker, murderous plot.

Finder rarely allows the reader a chance to catch their breath, detailing Heller’s investigation with blistering rapidity. The twists and turns are endless, but all are earned, building to the final revelation which impacts like a gut-punch. Readers will think they should’ve seen it coming — but few will have picked out the book’s ultimate villain.

The only blemish on this otherwise watertight thriller is the disintegration of former Washington Post reporter turned Slander Street columnist Mandy Seeger from capable journalist to love interest, to eventual damsel in distress. She deserved better, and to use her in this fashion feels hackneyed.

Still, the damsel-in-distress groan-factor aside, Guilty Minds excites and intrigues, and is the kind of book that can be digested in a single sitting. If Finder’s not already on your reading list, Guilty Minds demonstrates what the author has to offer: page-turning excellence.

My gratitude to the publisher, Dutton, for providing a digital ARC for review.

ISBN: 9780525954620
Format: Hardback   (229mm x 152mm x 25mm)
Pages: 400
Imprint: Dutton Books
Publisher: Dutton Books
Publish Date: 7-Jun-2016
Country of Publication: United States

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