Iron PatriotThis fast-moving techno-thriller sees Jim Rhodes become the unwitting tool in a grand conspiracy to destroy America.

Once War Machine, now Iron Patriot, Rhodes has quit the Secret Avengers to dedicate his time in the armour to military operations on American soil. It quickly emerges that shadowy figures in the government – themselves mere pawns in a mysterious enemy’s scheme – turn public perception against Rhodes. All the while, a new armoured threat emerges, referring to himself as a “true patriot,” who has taken Rhodes’ family hostage, guaranteeing Rhodes’s acquiescence. Of course, Rhodes’ father and niece aren’t quite the hapless civilians the kidnappers assumed they were…

Ales Kot and Garry Brown present a villainous plot James Bond’s archenemy SPECTRE would be proud of, while throwing in splashes of personal melodrama. There are real stakes in here; lives are on the line, and not everybody makes it out alive – almost unheard of in superhero comics, where the status quo remains constant; and when it’s not, it is telegraphed months in advance. Meticulously plotted and illustrated with aplomb, IRON PATRIOT: UNBREAKABLE is a rousing thriller with an ending that reminds us there are humans underneath the capes and cowls, or in this case, armour; and it’s these characters that keep us reading.

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