Review – Missing You by Harlan Coben

Missing YouIt has been eighteen years since NYPD Detective Kat Donovan‘s last meaningful relationship, when her soul mate, Jeff, broke off their engagement and disappeared. So, naturally, this being the modern age, she turns to online dating – – and is shocked to discover a profile belonging to her ex-fiancé. Good news, right? A chance to rekindle lost love? Not quite. Because as Kat digs deeper, she discovers a correlation between Jeff and the disappearance of a young boy’s mother; and a sociopath by the name of Titus who buries men and women alive on an Amish farm. Meanwhile (as if that wasn’t enough) Kat has discovered evidence suggesting the man who confessed to killing her policeman father wasn’t responsible. He took the blame – – but for who, and why?

MISSING YOU is a riveting page-turner that ultimately fails to satisfactorily untangle its many plot threads. Its core premise holds a tantalizing amount of promise, but as the narrative becomes increasingly convoluted, the reader’s enjoyment begins to diminish. There’s just too much going on that wraps together far too neatly. Make no mistake: this is a stunningly brisk thriller. Harlan Coben demonstrates his trademark snappy prose and ear for dialogue – – as always, his characters possess the witty rejoinders we mere mortals can only dream of conjuring in the perfect moment – – but whereas his previous novels have been propelled by human emotion, in MISSING YOU we can feel Coben manipulating his characters in preparation for the inevitable climactic revelation.

This is great escapist entertainment; it just lacks the sophistication and potency of Coben’s other work.

One thought on “Review – Missing You by Harlan Coben

  1. Holy Super Snort !!! Harlan has been my man since Myron teamed up with Win since the first thllrier after Myron since Myron\’s nephew entered the scene.He is the ultimate writer of thrills, chills, twists and turns and I can certainly see why Margie uses him in her workshops. What he does is what Clive Custler advises strip the words down to the bare bone. Or as I am learning to do: don\’t give them anything but the electrical wires to sizzle (pardon the pun) and cut out all the rest. Harlan is what Donald Maass teaches cut to the chase get on with it and leave them breathless and wanting for more Harlan proves that you can have a series without being cozy or redundant without losing the essence of the mystery and like Bolivar who wouldn\’t want a crazy rich man and a sexy female wrestler on their side?Love the picture, jealous like Gloria that I couldn\’t be there and happy for you to meet one of the best of them. This is yet another example why I don\’t mind reading posts on Saturday

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